Eventing in numbers: a nifty Irishman, an American-based dressage diva and 92% clear rounds

  • H&H’s eventing editor brings you the latest on the week’s eventing action in statistics

    Dates: 16-22 March, third week of the 2015 season

    The basics

    eventing stats map week3

    Number of British Eventing (BE) fixtures: 3 (Aldon (1), Lincolnshire, Swalcliffe Park)
    Number of BE sections run this week: 56
    Number of FEI sections run in Britain this week: 1 (CIC* at Aldon)
    Event with most sections: Aldon — 22 sections
    Number of BE sections run so far this year: 188

    Best dressage scores

    dressage score

    Aldon: 19.8, for Lindsey Cheffings and De Beer’s Delfi, who added nothing to this score to win BE100open section E
    Lincolnshire: 18.5, for Will Rawlin on VIP Vinnie, who kept a clean sheet to top open novice section L
    Swalcliffe Park: 20, for Iona Johnstone with Utopia I, the winners of BE90 section A despite four showjumping faults

    Speedy gonzales

    pony trial time

    2: number of pairs who beat the 5min 2sec optimum time in the pony trial at Aldon — winners Holly Needham and Barana Snow, plus Thomas Hawke and Brooklandsfarm Saracen, 13th
    2: Jonty Evans managed two of the five rounds within the 5min 56sec optimum time over the intermediate course at Aldon — on his advanced intermediate winner Cooley Rorkes Drift and third-placed Double Dutch V

    And also…

    aldon sj clears

    3: number of dressage scores of 50 penalties or more in BE100 section J at Swalcliffe
    4: number of sections with a 100% completion rate, two at Swalcliffe Park and two at Lincolnshire
    92: percentage of starters who jumped clear across country in the first FEI class of the year in Britain, the CIC* at Aldon

    Further afield

    Michael Jung prize money

    39.1: Leslie Law’s leading dressage score in the CIC3* at Poplar Place, Georgia. He went on to win the class with Tout De Suite
    89%: percentage of pairs in the CICO3* at Fontainebleau, France, who jumped clear across country
    81: number of pairs now entered for Rolex Kentucky CCI4* — the most interesting recent additions are 2012 Burghley runners-up Sinead Halpin and Manoir De Carneville, plus Michael Jung with La Biosthetique-Sam FBW and FischerRocana FST.

    winning margin

    Full reports from Aldon, Lincolnshire and Fontainebleau in H&H this week, out Thursday, 26 March.

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