The week on Twitter: dressage rodeo, the Queen’s ‘new conservatory’ and an upside down bridle

  • Enjoy the H&H team’s top tweets from the equestrian twitterverse this week.

    1. Alice Oppenheimer so very nearly rides out her rodeo lap of honour. 10/10 for effort and at least they caught it on camera

    2. This is why the riders ride and grooms groom!

    3. That would be one heck of a conservatory

    4. Former National Hunt heroes looking super relaxed in their retirement

    5. The current four seasons during one day weather patterns are wreaking havoc with riders. Particularly those with a lack of hair

    6. Words cannot describe how cute the former National Hunt hurdling star’s new foal is…

    7. We wouldn’t mind one either…

    8. Racehorse trainer and ex-jockey Jamie Osborne returns to the winner’s enclosure, only this time it’s with an Appaloosa in the showring at the Royal Windsor Horse Show

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