11 ideas for the ultimate horsey home

  • Gone are the days when an eight-year-old has to make do with using a water bucket for a wastepaper basket, keep their teddies in a haynet and beg their parents to saw their bedroom door in half to make a stable door.

    The possibilities for a pony-mad child’s bedroom are now endless. And depending on the approval of your family, the same can be said for the rest of the house.

    A word of warning — be cautious of anything overly permanent. Aged 13, your daughter may not thank you for the Thelwell curtains. And at the risk of looking like you’ve completely lost the plot, it might be an idea to limit yourself to just one equestrian item per room…

    Create the ultimate horsey home

    1. A hunting mural

    Magic murals

    Go to sleep dreaming of hunting with this mural, which comes in three sizes with the largest measuring at 8’0″x11’5″.
    Price: $143 (£96)
    Visit: www.magicmurals.com

    2. A showjump bed

    Pony Beds

    Do you know of a budding showjumper? If so, this is the answer to their sleeping arrangements.
    Price: from £450
    Visit: www.ponybeds.co.uk

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    3. Jockey silks pillow case

    Cafe press

    Pick a winner (in your sleep) with this jockey silks pillow case.
    Price: £21.50
    Visit: www.cafepress.co.uk

    4. Horseshoe lamp

    Trailcreek Creations

    Who knew horseshoes were so veratile? They’re certainly put to good use with this bedside lamp.
    Price: $75 (£50)
    Visit: www.trailcreekcreations.com

    5. Top hat light shade

    Not on the high street

    Need reminding that your dressage test needs learning? This top hat light shade should do the trick.
    Price: £82
    Visit: www.notonthehighstreet.com

    6. ‘Hold your horses!’ mug

    Sophie Allport

    Brighten up your morning coffee with Sophie Allport’s ‘Hold your horses!’ mug, featuring illustrations of dappled grey jumping horses interspersed with delicate grey dots.
    Price: £10
    Visit: www.sophieallport.com

    7. Thelwell loo seat

    Flying Fox

    Have a chuckle every time you go to the loo with this Thelwell loo seat, made from quality wood.
    Price: £44.99
    Visit: www.theflyingfox.co.uk

    8. Galloping horse mirror

    Luv ponies

    What better way to get dressed in the morning than in front of a galloping horse mirror?
    Price: £16.80
    Visit: www.luvponies.com

    9. Horse wall sticker


    This horse wall sticker looks and feels like traditional wallpaper, but it’s made from self-adhesive wall sticker fabric, which means there’s no need for glue or a tradesman. And the best part? It’s removable if you change your mind.
    Price: $76.20 (£59)
    Visit: www.thewallstickercompany.com.au

    10. Thelwell alarm clock

    Equestrian world

    Waking up to the sound of a Thelwell alarm clock is marginally less offensive than the noise of your phone at the crack of dawn.
    Price: £12.95
    Visit: www.equestrianworld.co.uk

    11. Racing tea towel

    Not on the high street 2

    Make drying the dishes bearable with this racing print tea towel by Freddie Parker.
    Price: £11
    Visit: www.freddieparker.com

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