9 reasons not to date a groom, plus some very good reasons why you should

  • If grooming is your career, it’s only fair that your significant other knows what they’re letting themselves in for. To keep them up to speed, the British Grooms Association has compiled a list of 10 things that boyfriends and girlfriends need to expect — from poor communication to unmanicured nails.

    1. I’m usually late. If we arrange to meet after work the chances are I’m going to be late, because no matter how hard I try I am never done for 5pm. Horses are never a 9-5 job.

    2. I may be away for weeks at a time with little communication. This isn’t because I’m not thinking about you, it’s because I don’t have time to think about you, call you and do my job properly.

    3. My biceps are bigger than yours and I think nothing of wrestling with 500kg of horse on a daily basis. Don’t push me!

    4. I am a perfectionist — although this only applies to my horses and definitely does not extend to my car or my own hair.

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    5. I may smell from time to time… But stables and horses smell nice don’t they?

    6. If you are needy with your time then you’re probably not for me. Free time, holidays and days off are like gold dust and when I get them off I would rather be asleep or playing with my own horse.

    7. My hands are never going to be manicured. Ever.

    8. I eat my lunch on the go which means they are probably not washed. Although it does boost my immune system…

    9. I love my job and know it can be frustrating, but please support my career choice as I would be really miserable in an office. I never want to be tied to a desk.

    10. I am passionate, kind and caring and if you don’t mind any of the above then I might make you a pretty awesome other half.

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