Brush up your dressage skills with this selection of training opportunities

  • If you want to improve your flat work skills , then take a look at this selection of forthcoming dressage clinics that you can get involved with

    Training and test riding

    Date: 21-22 October
    Venue: Easter Rattray Equestrian Centre, Blairgowrie
    Details: “Two days of training and test riding with international dressage rider Matthew Burnett. Matt is a grand prix rider who has an amazing understanding of a horse’s way of going and will teach anyone and everyone. He has a patient and calm approach while having vast knowledge.”
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    Submission improvement exercises

    Date: 22 October
    Venue: Darknoll Farm, Blandford Forum
    Details: “Training with Jac Cowley, who is a BHSAI registered instructor who has competed up to advance medium level dressage. These submission improvement exercises are aimed to focus the horse’s attention on the rider, improving suppleness, rhythm and balance for a better contact connection, whether it’s to enable a rider to enjoy hacking, Trec, schooling or competing. Suitable for all levels of horse or rider.”
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    Test riding practice

    Date: 25 October
    Venue: Alnwick Ford Equestrian, Morpeth
    Details: “Train with Les Smith, a list 2A dressage judge and an FEI three-/four-star eventing judge. This is a 30 minute session for you to run through your chosen dressage test and then discuss and work on areas to improve.”
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    Winter clinic

    Date: 27 October
    Venue: Netherton Equestrian Centre, Perth
    Details: “Train with Marine Tellier, a horse behaviourist and riding instructor. We will work on various exercises and any forthcoming dressage tests you have. It will be perfect to improve your position and riding skills and to help your horse balance himself and work from behind. This isn’t just for dressage divas, jumpers are welcome! Come and have a taste of classical dressage.”
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    Dressage training

    Date:1 November
    Venue: Capricorn Equestrian Centre, Dartford
    Details: “Would you like to try and improve your dressage score or have a chance to practice a dressage test under more informal conditions? Our dressage training days are a chance for you to ride a test in front of the judge, then have 20 minutes to work on and discuss your test before re-riding your test. These sessions allow you to have 30 minutes in total. You will receive your before and after scored test sheets. The score with the largest increase will be the winner. These are informal training days and so competition wear is not necessary.”
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    Dressage clinic

    Date: 2 November
    Venue: Moorhouse Equestrian Centre, Doncaster
    Details: “Train with dressage rider Tori Peter. If you can walk, trot and canter and have your own horse, that is all you’ll need to begin training. Tori’s unique attitude to training delivers time and again, central to training with Tori is learning and exploiting that indescribable feel. Tori rapidly enables horse and rider to communicate through feel and touch. Building a trusting partnership where the horse wants to work and train with you.”
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