Brides beware! 7 things to consider before you let your horse star on your big day

  • Right now, ‘brides on horseback‘ are having a moment. And why not? What could be more beautiful than having your beloved horse, polished and trimmed and gleaming, sharing your big day with you and your intended? (And if the intended doesn’t like it, then tough – he needs to know his place!) If you’re thinking of doing this, just be aware that there are few things that could go wrong…

    1. Planning on riding your horse to your wedding/reception/down the aisle in your wedding dress? Before you hop on, just be aware that your horse may experience some surprise at finding a large, rustling, flapping meringue on his back, and you may then find yourself unceremoniously ejected into the wedding venue’s water feature. Oh well, it’s all good practice for your next event.

    2. Trying to fit a hat over your veil and tiara could be tricky. And not quite the look you had in mind when you picked your dream dress.

    3. If you’re thinking of arriving at your wedding in a beautiful, Cinderella-style coach and horses, make sure you check the company has proper insurance, and take up references, as there are no specific health and safety regulations governing carriage driving. If you simply choose the cheapest option, you run the risk of arriving at breakneck speed, mowing down a couple of bridesmaids and a pageboy, which probably isn’t really the grand entrance you were planning on making.

    4. Most wedding photographers do the ‘bride on horseback’ shot before or after the wedding. This is wise, as it minimises the risk of you being bronced off into the wedding cake, in front of everyone. A once-in-a-lifetime photo opportunity, true. For your guests, though, not for you.

    5. Your Auntie Maureen is allergic to horses. You may not have realised this beforehand, but when she sneezes her way through your wedding vows, so you can’t be 100% sure the groom actually said ‘I do,’ you may wish you’d offered a packet of Piriton around first.

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    6. You may regret your choice of lupins and Japanese lanterns for the floral decorations when your horse starts munching on them…

    7. Horses poo and wee. A lot. Not a problem when you’re wearing wellies mucking out his stable. A slight issue when you’ve got a six-foot trail dragging along behind you. Just sayin’.

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