9 things horsey people might experience when they go to uni

  • To all the horsey lads and ladies who now find themselves experiencing all the joys of higher education, this one’s for you.

    1. Night out followed by 9am lecture? No problem

    All those 3am get-ups for horse shows in pursuit of a ribbon might have seemed impossible at the time, but the unsociable hours of equestrians have now primed you for university success. While you’re now in the club until 3am, making those compulsory lectures by the time the clock strikes nine are a doddle to you. Being sleep-deprived is a key component of the summer show season so you’re an expert at running on a trusty diet of red bull and enthusiasm.

    2. Your new friends will tell you off for always talking about your ‘significant other’

    It will take your flat mates six weeks to work out that the amazing individual you miss so dearly on the other side of the country is actually not your boyfriend, but your horse.

    3. They will also ask if they can come and ride your horse

    In short, no.

    4. You will probably need to join a gym

    Riding, mucking out and general daily horsey activities keep you fit as a flea, but sadly, enduring long seminars and sitting around in your PJs all weekend does not. To keep that equestrian bod in tip-top show condition you might feel the need to hit some exercise classes.

    5. Supermarket shopping could get emotional

    Passing the Polos and carrots without picking up a packet for your best friend will be a real punch to the heart.

    6. You might have to rethink your fashion choices

    While you might be able to rock the homeless look on the yard — which consists of trackies, odd socks and an oversized sweatshirt (which is definitely more holey than godly) — you might get a few strange looks if you wear the same kit on campus. Though whilst wearing no make-up might be a complete no-no for your fellow course-goers, you will have no problem going natural for days at a time.

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    7. But fancy dress night is your time to shine

    Jodhpurs and a riding crop = fresher’s fancy dress night success.

    8. You might need to throw yourself into a new hobby

    If you’re lucky enough to attend a university with its own riding club then great. But if not, it might be time to pick up a new activity, as a life without horses could quickly get boring. Make use of the freshers fairs and take the reins on a new time-consuming hobby.

    9. You will probably miss the smell of haylage

    While you never thought it possible, the lingering smell of haylage and finding horse hair in your bra are old sentiments you will actually miss.

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