9 reasons you like horses more than people

  • To the outside world it might sound like a strange (verging on bonkers) thing to admit, but we think you'll agree that there are plenty of reasons why horses are more likeable than people...

    1. They don’t answer back

    Even in an argument over the water jump or whether you’re going riding in the pouring rain, you still get the last word. Horses are peaceful to be around, they don’t talk incessantly (like that one friend we all have), they don’t interrupt you, offer unwanted advice, or have an irritating laugh.

    2. They listen to you

    They’re always there for you when you need them and offer a great shoulder to cry on. They give you their full attention and never check their phone whilst you’re talking to them.

    3. They’re loyal

    Your horse will always stand by you. Horses won’t cancel plans on a Friday night, or forget to call you back. They’re your true best friends.

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    4. They won’t judge you

    Whether you’re struggling with a hangover from hell, look awful, or have come to the yard in your pajamas, your horse won’t judge you. They don’t care if you haven’t done your make up or showered today – they will love you anyway.

    5. They’re never embarrassed of you

    They’ll happily be seen out and about with you and don’t care what other people think (admittedly they haven’t seen you on a night out, or at the office party).

    6. They don’t know they’re cute

    Unlike the best looking guy in the office, horses don’t know they’re cute. They’re adorably naïve to their charm and you can’t help thinking they’re a lot better looking than most humans. They even smell better than a few that you know…

    7. They’re easily persuaded by food

    I’m the first to admit that pizza sweetens a deal, however horses are even more easily persuaded by food. A bowl full of carrots can be a game changer when your horse doesn’t want to come in form the field… If only real life business deals were as simple. In addition to this you can serve your horse the same meal everyday and they’ll still look excited and not complain – take note men

    8. They help you make friends

    Your horse is the perfect ice breaker — when you meet someone else that is horsey you’re auto-friends.

    9. They’re always happy to see you

    At the end of a long day they’re there for you and always look genuinely pleased to see you. What would we do without our equestrian friends?

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