8 thoughts of a hardy turned out horse

  • The depths of winter are nearly upon us. Your hardy horse lives out all year round without a care in the world, saving you a fortune on livery bills and mucking out… But what do they really think about it?

    1. Look at those thoroughbreds all shuffling around at the gate waiting to go inside. Wimps! All the more grass for us. This is so much better than being stuck in a box all night long.

    2. Buuuurgh. It’s a bit chillier now… Mum I need more layers. I’m coooold. Please take me in? Someone? Anyone? It’s dark…

    3. Oh this is a nice new rug I’ve got on today. ‘Look at me everyone!’ I think I’ll roll right in this muddy puddle beside the fence. Oops I think I heard a tear. Errrr. That was not meant to happen…

    4. It’s raining… *Charge to the field shelter* Budge over. Let me in. LET ME IN. Please?

    5. I see a light! Who is coming to see me? I smell food… I think I see a bucket… My human loves me. (And right now I love my human).

    6. What is that white stuff falling from the sky? Wowwwwweeeee. Errr. Wait. Hold on. It’s taking over now. Where has the lovely tasty green grass gone? Help! Are we all going to starve?

    7. We’re OK. I see hay. It’s being guarded by a group of Welsh ponies… I think we can get in there guys. Let’s just tip toe round them and they won’t see us at the other side. Nooo they’ve spotted us. Run. For. It.

    8. It’s morning. Whoopee! Our friends are coming back. Look at them — they look as excited as us. Why is that human shouting at them? Why does one still have that rope attached to it while he’s cantering round? Never mind… It’s play time. *Bucks*

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