7 reasons to love (and sometimes despair) the Shetland pony

  • The Shetland pony: a child’s first best friend or miniature-mischief maker?

    1. Mini but mighty

    Did you know the Shetland pony can pull double its weight? They may be little but don’t ever be fooled into thinking they can’t rival their taller field-mates when they want to take you for a walk when they spot some lush grass!

    2. Greedy guts

    Shetland ponies absolutely love their food and laminitis can be a worry for these little creatures. Good dietary management is required and restricted grazing can be advisable during summer months.

    3. Hardy

    The Shetland pony originated in the Shetland Isles of the UK and is built to handle some of Britain’s harshest weather conditions. They will grow a winter coat to rival a grizzly bear so you don’t need to worry about a winter wardrobe. Though of course the dinky rugs and jumpers now available do look rather cute… if your cheeky pony will keep it on for more than a couple of minutes!

    4. Escape artists

    A Shetland pony can rival Houdini. Your pony will watch you secure your electric fencing tape and the minute you turn your back… charge! Duck and dive; your pony likes to demonstrate just how agile they are as they make their break for greener pastures and this is always followed by a victory lap of honour.

    5. All-rounder

    Often a first pony for a child as they are introduced to the world of horses; or perhaps broken to pull a cart; these super ponies have multiple uses. They can be a useful field companion perhaps if you keep your bigger horse alone at home.

    6. Therapy pony

    Perhaps less commonly known, the Shetland pony is now being used by some charities as a therapy pony to treat a range of conditions from PTSD to autism.

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