7 misconceptions non-horsey people often make about equestrians

Now we’re starting to get back to a form of normal life, we’re walking the earth with the non-equestrian population once again. So, get ready to hear a bunch of common misconceptions that many normal people often have about the horsey.

Which one of these seven have you heard before?

1. That we’re rich

Probably the most famed stereotype is that all horse owners have deep pockets. This is very often not the case and many riders pride themselves on grafting hard behind the scenes to fund their lifestyle. While the non-horsey might chose to spend their disposable income on nights out, holidays or on shopping trips, riders pump the majority of their earnings into haylage, bedding and vets bills (yes, we know we’re crazy, but we’re not all spoilt).

2. That we have no time for anything else

Another assumption is that we spend all our time at the yard with our horses as company, which isn’t necessarily true. Horse owners are the ultimate jugglers, often spinning several plates at once in order to get everything done. Sometimes we just wish there was more than 24 hours in a day…

3. That we smell of haylage and horse poo (all of the time)

Granted, there are times when we do just have to succumb to the odour of horse, perhaps after a long day in the saddle or when partaking in a particularly ‘smelly job’. But while our houses might be messy, we like to run a tight ship at the stables, keeping everything clean and in order. So you’re unlikley to smell us before you see us, contrary to popular opinion.

4. That we just sit there

Probably the one which grinds our gears the most is the ‘but you just sit there’ saying, which goes hand in hand with the comment that horse riding ‘isn’t a real sport’. We have no words but suggest offering a free ride on your horse to anyone who makes these claims. They’ll be backtracking in no time…

5. That we jump really huge fences

On the other end of the scale are those who think that because we own a horse means we’re in line for the next Olympics. While many of us do enjoy the thrill of competing, many have a horse for pleasure or some might not even ride at all.

6. That all horses are the same

Absolutely not true, but trying to explain the array of different breeds, types and sections within some breeds of horses and ponies completely boggles the mind of some, so sometimes it’s best just to smile, nod and agree.

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7. That all we care about is our horse

We can possibly give them this one, because from the amount of photographs we post on social media it would be easy to assume that our horse is our only purpose in life. However, we are fond of other things, we just don’t shout about them as much.

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