6 things owners of hyper-active horses can relate to

  • Those larger than life characters with energy to burn can be some of the most challenging, yet rewarding, horses to own and ride. Though there are certain tricky situations you’ll find yourself in with your ‘hyper’ horse. Here are seven things their owners might understand…

    1. You finish your usual hacking routes in half the time

    A brilliant thing if you’re late for work, not so brilliant when you’ve arranged a relaxing weekend hack with you friends. Hacking is likely to be one of your horse’s favourite things to do (lots to occupy his busy brain). However it’s not the best for your social life as quietly ambling alongside another horse or pony isn’t in your horse’s vocabulary.

    2. Competitions are an all-day affair

    Triple a normal horse’s working-in schedule and you’re probably not even close to what your horse needs in order to settle before his performance. He can go all day long without needing to take a break and while you can’t knock his eagerness for the job, by the end of the day you are more than ready for a healthy dose of cheesy chips to help replace the energy you have used in attempting to control your horse’s enthusiasm.

    3. You’re always at the front of the ride

    Hunting, sponsored rides, just anywhere really, you’re always leading the way (well, apart from when you’re trying your damnest not to pass not only the field master, but also the huntsman…)

    4. You will regularly hear the question ‘can you stop?’

    Concerned family members — or entertained spectators — can be heard bellowing this from the side lines. You reassure them that it definitely feels better than it looks.

    5. Daily routine is essential

    The energetic animal needs his daily routine, which includes plenty of turnout and exercise. If you’re more than five minutes late to turn him out all hell breaks loose and you can guarantee you’ll be skiiing to the field. And if you dare put him out after another horse, then definitely look out…

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    6. You’re wised up on all the low-energy feed solutions

    If you had a penny for the amount of people who have suggested certain calming feed stuffs to try… Long and short of it is you’ve dabbled with them all, but you nothing seems to take his enthusiasm away. And that’s just the way you like him!

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