16 things horsey people are really looking forward to this summer (hopefully)

  • As we are treated to rainfall, storms and a noticable lack of sunshine, equestrians have started forget what summer even looks like. With this in mind here is a glimpse of what is to come when the warmer season actually hits.

    Here are 21 things we have to look forward to during the summer (covid-pending)…

    1. Riding after work

    The number one thing we are excited about is being able to clock off and go out for a leisurely hack, hit a schooling session or get a lesson in during daylight hours.

    2. Turning out without rugs…

    We love being able to watch our pals enjoy a naked frolic around in the sunshine.

    3. … and not having to hose legs when we bring them back in

    A quick brush over with a curry comb will suffice.

    4. Less hay or haylage

    Lots of spring grass means many horses can look well on less forage. A winner for the wallet.

    5. Lots of competitions

    All things being well, hopefully there will be a good selection of shows and events you’re already getting giddy about the prospect of attending, either as a spectator or a competitor.

    6. Cross-country courses

    That place you drive past in winter and it’s always closed due to wet ground is now open for you to explore and enjoy.

    7. Championship fixtures

    Summer horses are made in the winter, and this is your chance to really shine and show off your hard work.

    8. Glossy coats

    My horse is shining like a new penny and I haven’t even groomed him.

    9. The occasional rain storm

    While we love the sunshine, the odd bout of rain certainly makes the grass grow and softens up the hard ground. It’s sometimes a welcome sight during a heatwave.

    10. Bargain winter rugs

    Top tip? Make sure you check out the summer sales for discount winter rugs for next season. Organisation is key.

    11. Wearing riding boots on the yard

    You can temporarily pack your wellies away.

    12. Hacks in the sunshine

    The best head space a girl or guy can get.

    13. A tidier yard

    Less wind to blow leaves, hay and shavings everywhere and less water to flood.

    Continued below…

    14. Foals

    Watching baby horses play in the fields never gets old.

    15. T-shirts

    As with the wellies, you can pack your winter coat away for a while (but leave it within easy reach as you never know with our great British weather…)

    16. Summer event coverage

    Keep up with the pages of H&H for all the action from across the country.

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