13 reasons we’d like our ponies back

  • Rose tinted glasses might spring to mind, but here’s why we’d quite like our ponies back…

    1. Fat and hairy was endearing, not a worry.

    2. Being dumped at the first fence was the “naughty pony’s” fault and never yours.

    3. Adding names to your pony’s existing name dependent on your mood was completely acceptable. Misty became Smokey Sunset Misty as you entered the show ring. True story.

    4. Wearing a t-shirt with your pony’s face printed on it didn’t attract strange looks.

    5. Being ridden twice a day at Pony Club camp wasn’t a big deal for your pint-sized steed. It was worth it for the hard feed and excessive attention they were being given to compensate.

    6. Making a scrap book of your pony’s career highlights (best kept tack, pony that looks most like its rider…) was a worthwhile way to spend your time.

    7. Pony Club kicks were an acceptable and advisable means of making your pony move in a forwards direction.

    Continued below…

    8. Spending 50 minutes trying to catch your pony wasn’t a waste of time. It was just something you factored into riding time (in your non existent diary), and an effective way of filling your endless holidays.

    9. Your pony was prime subject matter for school projects. Art one day (the next Stubbs, the miscellaneous native pony edition) and English Literature the next (elaborate tales of your pony’s adventures, move over The Saddle Club).

    10. Having your dressage test read out was common sense.

    11. Gates didn’t give you a sinking feeling. You were off and back on in a flash.

    12. A few spring bucks didn’t have you calling for the chiropractor, equine dental technicians or saddler in a mad panic.

    13. Talking about your pony like they were more precious than any human relation was expected — something that doesn’t translate in adulthood…. unless you work for H&H.

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