11 training books to give your riding and stable management a boost

Whether you're keen to improve your core strength, lungeing techniques or posture, take a look at these equestrian training books on the market

‘Rider + Horse = 1’

By Eckart Meyners with Hannes Muller and Kerstin Riemann
The blurb: Equestrian sports physiologist Eckart Meyners, and Hannes Muller, head instructor for the German National Riding School, have put together 60 exercises for horse and rider — beginning with a thorough explanation of the classical training scale and a six-step program to build balance and rhythm.
Price: £18.99
Publisher: J.A. Allen
ISBN: 978-1-908809-32-2
Visit: halebooks.com

‘The complete guide to polo’

By Lauren Dibble
The blurb: A beginner’s guide to the sport of polo, with simple explanations of playing techniques and skills, rules and equipment.
Price: £25
Publisher: J.A. Allen
ISBN: 978-1-908809-34-6
Visit: halebooks.com

‘Katie Jerram’s Modern Horse Management’

By Katie Jerram and Carolyn Henderson
The blurb: Improve your stable management skills with this blueprint for modern horse husbandry — from stables and shelters to horse health and first aid.
Price: £22.50
Publisher: J.A. Allen
ISBN: 978-1-908809-27-8
Visit: halebooks.com

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‘Lungeing, Long-Reining and In-Hand Schooling’

By Claire Lilley
The blurb: A practical, illustrated guide to the art of training horses from the ground.
Price: £19.99
Publisher: J.A. Allen
ISBN: 978-1-908809-26-1
Visit: halebooks.com

‘Posture and Performance’

By Gillian Higgins with Stephanie Martin
The blurb: This illustrated book looks at how to deliver a safe, varied, fun, effective and achievable training programme, based on the principles of anatomy and biomechanics with welfare in mind.
Price: £19.95
Publisher: Kenilworth Press
ISBN: 978-1-910016-00-8
Visit: www.quillerpublishing.com

‘Training and Riding with Cones and Poles’

By Sigrid Schöpe
The blurb: Over 40 exercises to improve your horse’s focus and response to the aids, while sharpening your timing and accuracy.
Price: £12.99
Publisher: J.A. Allen
ISBN: 978-1-908809-36-0
Visit: halebooks.com

‘The Dressage Horse Optimized’

By Jim Masterson
The blurb: This book fills the gap that often exists between trainers, riders and equine-bodywork therapists when it comes to understanding how the dressage horse uses his body in performance. Learn hands-on ways he can help optimise his suppleness, flexibility, balance and movement.
Price: £21.99
Publisher: J.A. Allen
ISBN: 978-1-908809-35-3
Visit: halebooks.com

‘My Way: How I Train For Success’

By Mary King
The blurb: The eventer opens her doors to reveal the formulas she uses on a daily basis and how they apply to every aspiring equestrian — from the working rider enjoying the grassroots levels through to those dreaming of representing their country.
Price: £25
Publisher: Acanthus Press
ISBN: 978-0-9929951-0-2
Visit: www.acanthuspress.co.uk

‘Lunging and Long-Reining’

By Jennie Loriston-Clarke
The blurb: A step-by-step guide to the art of training, exercising and suppling horses from the ground, by one of the world’s leading exponents of the art. Starting with training foals and young horses, Jennie works through to perfecting in-hand piaffe and passage.
Price: £18.95
Publisher: Quiller Publishing
ISBN: 9781872119533
Visit: www.quillerpublishing.com

‘Perfect Mind: Perfect Ride’

By Inga Wolframm
The blurb: Hands-on advice on how to develop relevant attitudes and mental skills, making this an essential companion for riders wanting to get more out of the sport.
Price: £16.95
Publisher: Kenilworth Press
ISBN: 978-1-910016-04-6
Visit: www.quillerpublishing.com

‘Equestrian Pilates’

By Sue Gould-Wright
The blurb: Use Sue’s ‘do-anywhere’ Pilates exercises to improve your riding postion and effecivness in the saddle, eliminate rider faults, improve core stability and perform yard tasks safely and efficiently.
Price: £15.99
Publisher: J.A. Allen
ISBN: 978-1-908809-33-9
Visit: halebooks.com

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