10 unusual horsey events you need to investigate further

  • Getting out to a horsey event doesn’t just need to mean getting into the competition arena. There’s so much more out there that you can get involved with either with or without a horse. Take a look at the diverse selection on offer to you right now, right here…

    Horse inside out

    Date: 6 September
    Venue: Brooksby Equestrian Centre, Melton Mowbray
    Details: A course for assessing movement and posture — this is a CPD course for equine therapists from all disciplines wishing to hone their assessment skills, revise techniques or explore new ones to add to their toolbox, is a mix of theory, observation, practical demonstrations and small group sessions. It also provides the opportunity to network, share information and discuss interesting or challenging cases with other practitioners in a relaxed and supportive environment.
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    Confidence workshop

    Date: 8 September
    Venue: Tall Trees Arena, North Cornwall
    Details: Do you struggle with anxieties or fears when you ride? Do you find excuses to avoid riding, even though you wish you could get on your horse? Do you freeze at the ‘wrong’ time? Perhaps you are plagued by the ‘what ifs’ that hold you back? This unmounted workshop helps you to overcome many difficulties you may be struggling with. The day is packed with confidence boosting information together with amazingly powerful mental exercises. Included in the work is NLP, hypnosis, self-hypnosis training, visualisation and sports psychology. These are all woven into the workshop, and are explained clearly to enable you to gain control over your worries and significantly boost your confidence when handling or riding your horse.
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    Horsemanship series

    Date: 10 September
    Venue: Seymours Farm, Sturminster Newton
    Details: Come and join us for our next horsemanship equitation evening at Seymours Farm with Delerie Chambers. This will be a mounted session really focusing on the finer points of our riding to help our horse’s way of going.
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    Thermography clinic

    Date: 10 September
    Venue: Priory Farm Equestrian, Stafford
    Details: These sessions cover saddle and rider analysis including saddle filmography lunged to see how the saddle sits on the horse followed by ridden work to see how the rider sits and different pressure points with riders weight distribution.
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    Rider specific pilates

    Date: 15 September
    Venue: Rider Performance Centre, Rowlands Gill
    Details: This two-hour seminar introduces riders to the principles of pilates and how this form of ancillery training can benefit your overall health, well-being and significantly improve your riding. Over the two hours we cover theory, practical as well as some myofacial releases – so you won’t be exhausted. suitable for all fitness levels and riding abilities.
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    Poles with pals

    Date: 22 September
    Venue: Sheepgate Equestrian, Boston
    Details: A group polework session. From a pole on the ground to bounces and triples, Alex is here to help. Whether you want to work on straightness and balance to improve those dressage scores or to get those lines right when jumping a course. Alex tailors each session to you and your horse’s individual needs be it for the nervous first timer or the seasoned campaigner.
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    Australian horse training clinic

    Date: 26 September
    Venue: Capricorn Equestrian Centre, Dartford
    Details: The aims of all our clinics, with renowned horseman Jason Webb, are to; develop a balanced and respectful relationship between horse and rider, develop a desire to understand how horses and humans interact successfully, develop confidence and control in ground and ridden work, learn how to handle and ride horses safely, learn skills to solve common problems and gain knowledge of the theory, psychology and training methods employed by Jason.

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    Les Smith test riding

    Date: 27 September
    Venue: Alnwick Ford Equestrian, Morpeth
    Details: Les Smith is a list 2A dressage judge and an FEI three-/four-star eventing judge. It involves a 30 min session for you to run through your chosen dressage test and then discuss and work on areas to improve with Les.
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    Luxury confidence three-day camp

    Date: 30 September
    Venue: Penycoed Horse Riding Centre, Oswestry
    Details: A weekend focused on building confidence, overcoming riding fears and having fun.
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    Equine behaviour course

    Date: 7 October
    Venue: Tannoch Stables, North Lanarkshire
    Details: Interested in equine behaviour? I’m now accepting applications for an Society of Equine Behaviour Consultants accredited training course, based in central Scotland, starting October 2016. Ideal for those want to fit in with work, with weekend attendance at the course and ‘homework’ in between. Suitable for anyone who is involved with horses – from interested horse owners to those already working with horses, for example past students have been riding instructors, grooms and vets. Learning more about equine behaviour helps us to help horses more, train them more effectively and humanely, and keeps everyone safer and happier. Some students will choose to go on to sit the professional exam, others may do the course just for interest or to enhance their current work with horses.

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