10 thoughts that might go through your mind on your first post-lockdown outing

  • Many of us are in the process of planning — or might have even attended — that first post lockdown competition, show or training clinic. With restrictions easing, organisers are working hard to put on fixtures for us all to enjoy with our horses.

    Here are 10 things that might pop into your head when you attend that very first post-Covid lockdown event:

    1. ‘I’m so excited

    Months of riding the same circles of the arena and taking the same hacking routes mean you’re seriously ready for a change of scenery.

    2. ‘But I’m also seriously nervous’

    Riding in public for the first time in ages means the pressure is geared up a notch. But remember, everyone is in the same boat!

    3. ‘I’ve definitely forgotton how to ride a show’

    Or how to jump a course, memorise a dressage test or negotiate the collecting ring…

    4. ‘I really hope my horse behaves’

    Top tip, ensure you leave plenty of time for working in!

    5. ‘I must check the lorry’

    Checking if your horsebox is in working order — and that you’ve got all your gear inside — is a must before you venture out of the yard.

    6. ‘I hope I still fit into my riding jacket’

    All of those quarantine snacks must have gone somewhere. Breathe in!

    7. ‘I don’t miss these early mornings’

    That first get up before a show will definitely be a shock to the system. Alarm clocks at the ready.

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    8. ‘How did I do this every single weekend?’

    You’ll arrive home absolutely knackered and probably question how you had the energy — or finances — to go competing every weekend last summer.

    9. ‘I must find a groom’

    Your first outing has made you realise how handy it is to have someone on the ground at your beck and call.

    10. ‘God, I’ve missed this!’

    It’s so good to be back in the saddle.

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