William Fox-Pitt’s Oslo will miss London Olympics

  • William Fox-Pitt’s young star Oslo is out of contention for the Olympics because he has injured a foreleg suspensory ligament.

    “Hopefully he will be ok for next year,” said William. “It’s quite depressing, but these things happen and I’m lucky to have others [in contention for selection]. The selectors had not indicated any preference, even if I had a bit [towards Oslo].”

    With last year’s Pau winner Oslo out of the picture, William’s potential rides for the London Games are Lionheart, who competes at Bramham this weekend, and Parklane Hawk, winner of Burghley last year and Kentucky in April.

    “Hopefully Lionheart will go well at Bramham and Parklane has done all he could do, so I’m in a very fortunate position,” added William.

    “The whole of the British camp need to hope their best horses stay in one piece now. The last two months before a championship are always tense – you are upping horses’ work and some will be injured.”

    Since 2002, all the original members of a selected British senior eventing squad have only actually contested the championship twice (in 2002 and 2010), with at least one reserve being called in every other year. Statistically, this means it is unlikely Oslo will be the last British horse to fall by the wayside before the Games.

    The team for London will be announced next week.

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