Two changes to Badminton Horse Trials cross-country course

  • Two fences have been altered on the cross-country course at the Mitsubishi Motors Badminton Horse Trials, in deference to the wet conditions.

    The direct route at fences five and six (the World Horse Welfare Quarry) has been removed from the course, as technical delegate Giuseppe Della Chiesa felt the steep slope down to the log at fence five would deteriorate quickly.

    As the long route here is 37m longer, 4sec has been added to the optimum time, which is now 11min 36sec.

    The second of the two angled tree trunks (fence 30) at the Rolex Crossing has been taken out of the course, as it was felt horses would be more tired at this late stage of the course with the wet ground.

    A press spokesman said the changes were not due to pressure from riders, but that Giuseppe Della Chiesa had made a sensible decision at this early stage.

    Heavy rain has fallen overnight at the event and it is still raining now.

    The first cross-country starter is Dan Jocelyn on Special Attorney, at 11am.

    Our first interim cross-country report will be on www.horseandhound.co.uk at approximately 2.30pm and there will also be an end of day report.

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