New BE board members appointed

  • Alex Fox, Alec Lochore and Les Smith have been elected to join the British Eventing board. The elections were made at the annual British Eventing AGM on Sunday 21 January at the Royal Court Britannia Hotel, Keresley following a member vote. They will all serve on the British Eventing board for four years.

    Alec Lochore (35)

    “Like many people involved with the sport I have a passion for it. This however is not enough to develop and drive the sport over the next decade:

    • I have a broad and extensive understanding of the sport, from a number of different positions.
    • I possess vision – I like to look forwards, to see the big picture and am not averse to ‘thinking out of the box’. I dislike change for change’s sake, but will always explore and discuss new ideas. I like transparency and accountability and will readily accept blame and criticism when justified. I believe debate and discussion are healthy whilst ensuring that growth, development and implementation thrive.
    • I enjoy teamwork and through working with other members of the board I believe I can offer an unbiased, objective and rounded view on most subjects within the sport.
    • Youth – although not as young as I would like to admit, I represent a peer group who are still doing ‘the sport’ at all levels week in and week out and who will still be involved with the sport 20 years hence.
    • Approachability – I want to hear what people think, I like to hear how it is up front and honest – I am approachable.
    • Determination – I like to get things done in a timely and efficient manner.”

    Les Smith (58)

    A BE member since 1976, competed at Burghley and Badminton, International FEI Event Judge and National Dressage Judge and winner of BE Award for Services to the Sport in 2001

    “My aim is to promote better communication within the sport, between the riders, the owners, the organisers, the officials and the army of volunteers without whom we would be stuffed!

    Eventing involves a vast array of individuals with very different interests and experiences. We need to work to harness better these interests and experiences to improve the sport as a whole. That means the sport across all the regions of England, Scotland and Wales, from training to competition and from intro to four-star events.

    I am hugely committed to eventing. I want to see eventing continue to grow and bring more people into the sport. In 2001, I established Arena Eventing in Scotland. I have developed this into an annual series of winter events designed to encourage new riders into the sport and to kick start existing eventers for the new season.

    In 2006, I took training at Hendersyde over four days for 100 horses and riders, ranging from eventing beginners to World Championship level, raising £2,000 for that horse trial. These are examples of both my commitment to the sport and the type of initiatives I would like to encourage.

    Over the years I have acquired a large network of contacts in the sport. I understand eventing. I keep my ear to the ground, I listen to people and if I commit to something, I do it!”

    Alex Fox (59)

    A BE board member since November 2004

    “We need to strengthen our relationship with the Eventing Committee of the FEI, continue to improve and promote our international fixtures, re-examine and simplify our rules, enhance the experience at the lower end of the sport, strengthen the dialogue with our members and move towards paperless entry, registration and reporting systems.

    “I hope that by electing me, you will continue to support the mandate for change and modernisation that you have entrusted me with and I would be honoured to represent your views and opinions on the Board of British Eventing for the next four years”.

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