Major revamp for Bramham Horse Trials

  • Bramham Horse Trials course designer Sue Benson has made radical changes to her cross-country course for this year’s CCI*** (7-10 June). She has relocated the start next to the lorry park and has also included several new fences.

    The first water, the four-element Upper Pond, forms the first combination on the course and comes at fence number four.

    Sue is hoping that the changes she has made will make the course more flowing as she admitted that some of the tight turns that caused problems in 2006 had preyed on her mind.

    “We have had three hot, hard years and we have to be prepared for another one this year. The final line of the course won’t be decided until every fence is in place, but the natural rolling countryside of Bramham is tiring for horses, especially when it gets hot.”

    A number of familiar Bramham fences have been removed this time, including the GNER train, the beehives and the sunken road.

    Nicola Wilson (née Tweddle), who has walked Sue’s revamped track, said: “Sue has designed a course that promises to be galloping and flowing, but with plenty of scattered questions. Riders will need to have their wits about them.”

    For more information visit: www.bramham-horse.co.uk

    This news story was first published in the May issue of Eventing magazine

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