Lauren Shannon’s blog: I’m off to Burghley Horse Trials

  • Well, Land Rover Burghley Horse Trials week is finally upon us! To be honest, it has come around very quickly it feels. With breaking my wrist only three-and-a-half weeks ago, I feel like every moment I can have to get stronger is much appreciated.

    I have spent the past couple of weeks doing lots of teaching, as it obviously isn’t the best idea to ride too many horses with a broken wrist. I couldn’t wait for the doctor to take the cast off, and had already started riding “Louie” (my Burghley ride Zero Flight, pictured above at Burghley last year) again before it came off.

    I also was convinced, last minute, to pose for Claire Lomas’ Riders Revealed 2012 Calendar. Nico Morgan came to the yard to take some pictures, and I’m going to preserve what is left of my modesty and let you buy a calendar to find out what kind of shot we took! It is for a great cause, to get Claire a robotic suit so she can walk the London marathon after being paralysed in a riding accident in 2007.

    Now, I am riding a couple horses a day with a metal splint on my wrist and it seems to be holding up well. Jenny has been incredible with all the horses, keeping them occupied while I, belatedly, stay wrapped in cotton wool for Burghley this weekend.

    The course looks big and attacking online, just the kind me and Louie would want. So we went to Somerford Park last weekend to have a play round and to make sure I could hold Louie with my wrist. He was so happy to be out, and very strong, but my wrist was fine. I also have taken him showjumping, to make sure I haven’t forgotten how to ride a course.

    His dressage, which is where we always have to work very hard, is what will have suffered the most with my injury. He is more than capable, but I am a little rusty. So I have been drilling myself this last weekend (the first where my wrist could manage proper schooling) to make sure I don’t let him down.

    So basically, I feel that we have done all we can now. The training is there, my wrist is strong (and without painkillers) and the lorry is packed.

    Kerry Walsh is a very old friend, and travels with Louie to all his events, so she is coming to Burghley. She came to the yard yesterday to help us pack up the lorry and get everything in order, which felt very strange as Louie has always done his three-days with “Delphi” (Quixotic), my 16-year-old mare, who retired after Badminton this spring.

    We finished packing before lunchtime, and it felt like we didn’t have enough of anything. Hopefully Louie won’t mind being on his own.

    So we are off to Burghley today, only an hour down the road, but a big deal all the same so we are getting there nice and early to settle in. I’ll let you know how we get on… keep your fingers crossed for us!


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