First-timer’s countdown to Badminton: 12 days to go

  • I can hardly believe how close Badminton is now. Thank you all for your good luck messages — it’s making Badminton seem real, rather that just a dream!

    This week has been relatively busy, despite Filius being on ‘light work’ to allow his strained muscle to heal. I had two days show jumping training with John Ledingham, which was good, although I had been looking forward to taking Filius. I also had some training with Ian [Stark], which again I really wanted to take Filius to — he just hears Ian’s voice and knows to behave.

    The good news is that Filius appears to be much better so fingers crossed he’ll back in full work this weekend. He’s been going out for lots of hacks, which he normally loves, but I think he’s getting bored of them now.

    I made it to my Callanetics this week, which was very hard work, but no pain no gain is what I keep telling myself. And as Filius has not been allowed to go in the school, I was lunged on Cool Dancer (Axil) instead. He is totally different from Filius as he’s 17hh, nearly full TB and a lot sharper(!), but I’m finding it really good for my balance.

    I was meant to be competing at Ivesley this weekend with Unitivo De Foja as he missed his first two events due to a pulled muscle in his shoulder, but unfortunately it has been cancelled. He’s raring to go but the cancellation means his first run of the season won’t be until Chatsworth.

    I think I might do some BSJA jumping this weekend instead, although tomorrow (Saturday) I’m having a ‘normal’ day as my fiancé is graduating from ICAS (Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland) which involves a day out in Edinburgh, probably followed a few drinks, so maybe it’s a good thing there is no event on Sunday!

    Bye for now, Olivia

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