First-timer’s Badminton Horse Trials diary: day one

  • Well the day of my dressage has finally arrived. I am riding my test at 16.52 so everyone keep your fingers crossed that Filius behaves himself!

    He has been rather over the top since he arrived, so I have ridden him twice already today. It was quite eventful as he kept tanking off every time I asked for medium trot, plus a few times when I didn’t! We also had some dramatic leaping and unrequested sideways movements! Hopefully he will managed to keep a lid on it in the arena later and produce his best.

    Filius loves to roll and has been trying to enjoy his favourite pastime at every opportunity. I managed to stop him rolling with his saddle on in the stable earlier today, and then when I walked him out in hand he tried to roll on the gravel outside Badminton House. Having rescued him from that, he dropped to his knees and got absolutely filthy as soon as his hooves touched the beautiful parkland. Time for yet another bath before the dressage!

    Right now I’m feeling a little bit nervous, excited and anxious all rolled into one. To be quite honest I’ll be glad when the dressage is over!

    Bye for now, Olivia

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