Eventing entry fees set for 2003

  • Find out how much affiliated horse trials will cost to enter next year

    Riders planning to compete in affiliated horse trials during 2003 will need to budget for an increase in entryfees compared to the 2002 season, despite Scale II prize money remaining at existing levels.

    Entry fees will rise by between £2 and £6 depending on the level of competition between Intro and CIC*.

    Fees for advanced andCIC**/CIC*** events are still to be set, but may see a sharp rise, with an entry costing anything up to £100 per horse. However, Scale I prize-money will increase by 4-6%.

    British Eventing say the increase in entry fees has been broughtabout to enable events to remain viable, and to ensure standards of event organisation, course construction and ground conditions are maintained and improved across the country.

    The entry fees for 2003 are:

    • intro – £39.00
    • pre-novice/open pre novice (no prize-money) – £39.00 (max)
    • pre-novice/open pre novice (prize-money) – £42.00 (max)
    • novice/open novice/intermediate novice – £47.00
    • intermediate/open intermediate/advanced intermediate – £63.00
    • CIC* -£65.00
    • CIC**/CIC*** – TBC
    • Advanced – TBC

    To find out more visit: www.britisheventing.com

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