Event riders call for FEI changes

Husband and wife event team Clayton and Lucinda Fredericks are campaigning for the FEI to adopt the current dressage scoring system used by British Eventing.

“I believe the FEI should adopt the same scoring as BE for all their events but especially for CICs, which look to be taking a much more significant role in the sport,” says Clayton.

“This change would bring the dressage marks far closer than for current FEI events and would maintain pressure on the dressage leaders to perform well in all three phases to secure a top placing, while still allowing those horses not graced with extravagant paces to remain in reach of the leaders.”

Under current FEI rules, dressage scores are calculated by finding the average dressage percentage of Good Marks (AGM) then deducting it from 100 and multiplying it by 1.5 which gives you the number of dressage penalties.

Dressage penalties for British Eventing are calculated by finding the AGM and deducting it from 100.

“Using the FEI Formula, the gap is quite apparent at CCI Three Day Events but even more exaggerated at CIC One Day Events,” explains Clayton.

“CCIs generally have higher attrition rates after endurance compared to CICs. Endurance has been reduced with the slower time on phase C that hasbeen beneficial for the horse, but again whittles down the true test of stamina and fitness.

“This, coupled with a reduced number penalties in the showjumping, means that after dressage the middle section of competitors have no chance of challenging the top 20%.

“I feel that, without the application of the 1.5 co-efficient, the competition would become considerably closer and would lessen the leeway presently allowed by the heavy weighting towards the dressage, thus creating a more even balance between the three phases.

“Removing the co-efficient would also allow the competition to become more exciting for spectators and the general public, as it would maintain greater pressure on the leaders after dressage and would allow more movement on the scoreboard after the endurance and show jumping phases.

“I think the BE national formula works well and should be adopted at FEI events. It is also very quick to calculate and easy to understand.”

Lucinda andClayton are currently running a poll on their website which explains the changes they are calling for and are inviting people to cast their vote. Visit www.teamfredericks.com for more information.

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