Elite event riders may be licensed to improve safety

  • Event riders may have to take out licences under plans to tackle safety in the sport.

    At a meeting of the International Equestrian Federation (FEI) eventing committee in Paris earlier this month, the introduction of rider licensing at four-star level from 2010 was one of several safety measures discussed.

    A working group will debate the viability of the idea after the FEI bureau meeting in November and a system to monitor dangerous riding and falls is expected to come in internationally next year.

    FEI head of eventing Catrin Norinder said: “The most important thing in safety at the moment is to get consistent judgement [of dangerous riding] and get that information circulating. This is a stepping stone toward rider licensing.”

    The rider licences are likely to detail instances of dangerous riding recorded by the watch system, as well as disciplinary offences and medical records.

    Rider Nick Gauntlett, who is chairman of the Event Riders Association (UK), is supportive of the idea.

    He said: “These sound like sensible ideas for safety.”

    For more details about other proposals discussed in Paris, see the current issue of H&H (30 October, ’08)

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