The CIC** and CIC*** at Hutton Horse Trials (21-23 August) have been ancelled due to lack of sponsorship.

Organiser Douglas Weymouth said: “Sadly, it has proved very difficult to reach the amount needed to fund the new courses.

“We contacted a large number of businesses across the north of England and Scotland, and although many of our loyal local sponsors were keen to support the new event, many businesses could not help because of the worsening recession.”

British Eventing (BE) will not replace the CIC** at present because Central Scotland (1-3 May) is hosting a new CIC**, but is looking for somewhere to hold a CIC***.

BE regional director Iain Graham said: “To lose this level of competition completely would be a blow for local event riders.”

If a new venue cannot be found, many riders, particularly in the north of England and Scotland, are likely to struggle to gain their CIC*** qualifications this year.