Burghley victory for Lucinda Fredericks

  • Australia’s Lucinda Fredericks clinched the £45,000 2006 Land Rover Burghley Horse Trials first prize. Aboard the 15.3hh mare Headley Britannia, Fredericks rode a stunning show jumping round, cleanly clearing every obstacle.

    Rolex Grand Slam contender Andrew Hoy was lying in pole position after the cross-country but 12 show jumping penalties cast him into second place — costing him the $250,000 pledge.

    Lucinda Fredericks receives the Burghley 2006 prize photo by Jan Milne

    The show jumping course was wide and twisting and caused a fair share of problems. William Fox-Pitt and Idalgo were one of the only combinations to jump clear this morning and only three of the top 25 cross-country finishers completed clear.

    As Andrew Hoy entered the arena on Moon Fleet, seconds away from potentially winning the Rolex Grand Slam, the atmosphere in the grand stands was electric. And as the poles came crashing down the audience moaned with disappointment. “I never had it,” Andrew Hoy said firmly afterwards, “people feel very sorry for me but if this is a bad day, my life it is not that bad.”

    After winning team bronze in the World Equestrian Games in Aachen two weeks ago, Australian riders have once again proved their prowess. Australia’s Shane Rose jumped a professional looking clear with All Luck — particularly impressive as he was allegedly still playing drinking games at 3am this morning. Rose’s result earned him third place and Australia the top three places on the leader board. Top 10 places also went to Australian riders Andrew Hoy on his second ride Mr Pracatan, Sam Griffiths and Matt Ryan.

    Cressida Clague-Reading and Carousel Quest were the highest placed British combination; they knocked just one pole in the show jumping to take fourth place behind Shane Rose. Carousel Quest, 11, has never competed at a four-star event before. “He was a bit spooky and green at times,” Clague-Reading admitted afterwards, adding that this is her personal best result at four-star level.

    An elated Lucinda Fredericks told the audience afterwards how much a win at Burghley means to her. “I’m 40 and it has taken me this long to ride a good cross-country round at four-star level,” she said. Her husband Clayton, who was forced to retire on the cross-country after a nasty fall, fought back tears as Lucinda was presented with the Burghley trophy. “Lucinda had great disappointment a few weeks ago when she wasn’t selected to represent Australia at the World Equestrian Games – this is just fantastic,” he said.

    Lucinda Fredericks admits she is happy to have won Burghley rather than ridden at WEG; “I don’t think I could have beaten Clayton and Zara,” she joked. Headley Britannia is the second ever mare to win the Burghley title — in 1973 course designer Captain Mark Phillips won with Maid Marion.

    Burghley top 10

    1. Lucinda Fredericks (AUS) Headley Britannia
    2. Andrew Hoy (AUS) Moon Fleet
    3. Shane Rose (AUS) All Luck
    4. Cressida Clague-Reading (GBR) Carousel Quest
    5. Andrew Hoy (AUS) Mr Pracatan
    6. William Fox-Pitt (GBR) Ballincoola
    7. Jeanette Brakewell (GBR) Over To You
    8. Sam Griffiths (AUS) Connigar Bay
    9. Matt Ryan (AUS) Bonza Puzzle
    10. Mary King (GBR) Cashel Bay

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