Burghley cross-country day dawns

  • Turrets, fence 3

    The turrets is the last of the three warm up fences. Riders will have negotiated the Overture and Flower Frame at the start.

    Land Rover Arena, fence 4

    This is where the fun starts – it comes up earlier than it did last year. “It looks fantastic rather than being a huge test for horses and riders,” said Captain Mark Phillips.

    Cottesmore Leap, fence 14

    Even Mark Phillips claims this fence is an “absolutely huge ditch”. There is an alternative for anyone getting tired at the top of the hill.

    Rolex Corners, fence 18

    This fence, believe it or not, is designed to jump straight. “It is for horses who really do jump what is in front of them,” said Captain Mark Phillips. The Corners are arguably the most difficult element on the course. “It is a key fence, a wicked fence,” said Phillips.

    Maltings, fence 19ab

    “This is not a fence riders can relax at,” said Captain Mark Phillips. The fence is another test of accuracy as it has more spread than jumpable width.

    Discovery Valley, fence 25

    Riders need to take a little care as they jump up over the ditch and step at an angle to bounce over the trunk being loaded into the Discovery before turning to the next part of the combination.

    Gnomes’ House, fence 28

    Riders can start thinking of home as they jump the pretty Gnomes’ House at the bottom of the leaf pit. There are only five more obstacles left to jump.

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