Boost for pre-novice eventers

British Eventing and Patey Hats have launched a pre-novice series for owner-riders competing at this level in the south. There are seven qualifying sections and qualified combinations will go forward to a championship at Charlton Park (4 October).

Qualifiers will be held at the following events:

  • Salperton (21 June)
  • Tweseldown (4 July)
  • Shipton Moyne (17 July)
  • Cheltenham (22 July)
  • Brockenhurst (16 August)
  • Hatherleigh (17 August)
  • Mount Ballan (3 September)

Qualifiers are open to horses ridden by their registered owner with the top 10 combinations in each Patey Hats section qualifier eligible for the final at Charlton Park.

The final will run under open pre-novice rules and will be open to all grades of horse. Prizes in the championship classes will be in kind.

If an event has insufficient entries to run a full section, the Patey Hats section may be amalgamated with another pre-novice section to constitute one section with two separate sets of results.

Eastern Championships return

Pre-novice competitors in the east will welcome the return of the popular Eastern Championships. The Eastern Pre-Novice Championship will be hosted at Oasby (2) (4 October) and will run in accordance with the rules for pre-novice classes.

Horses without points who have been placed first to sixth in pre-novice and open pre-novice sections at the events listed (right) will be invited to take part; British Eventing will be writing to riders who have qualified.

  • Isleham (8-9 March)
  • Poplar Park (15-16 March)
  • Oasby (1) (15-16 March)
  • Burnham Market (1) (16-18 April)
  • Milton Keynes (1) (30 April-1 May)
  • Shuttleworth (1) (13-14 May)
  • Keysoe (1) (17-18 May)
  • Milton Keynes (2) (20-22 June)
  • Buckminster Park (5-6 July)
  • Little Downham (1) (26-27 July)
  • Graveley (10 August)
  • Melton Mowbray (13 August)
  • Stratford Hills (16 August)
  • Milton Keynes (3) (22-23 August)
  • Winkburn (30-31 August)

For more information visit: www.britisheventing.co.uk

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