Australia names Olympic Games equestrian teams

  • Clayton and Lucinda Fredericks will head the Australian Olympic eventing team at the 2008 Games, but there is no place for triple gold medalists Andrew Hoy and Matt Ryan.

    Andrew would have become the first Australian to compete at seven Olympic Games if he had been selected. He has been experiencing a disappointing run of form recently and is currently awaiting the outcome of the FEI’s investigation into allegations that one of his pupils used spiked boots on her horse, although it has been reported that this did not influence the Australian Equestrian Federation’s decision.

    Matt Ryan must have thought that finishing eight at Badminton this spring would have caught the eye of the selectors, but the remaining three places have gone to riders based in Australia.

    Making their Olympic debuts will be Sonja Johnson (Ringwould Jaguar), Megan Jones (Kirby Park Irish Jester) and Shane Rose (All Luck). Clayton will ride Ben Along Time while Lucinda will take Headley Britannia.

    The Australian dressage team will be:

    • Hayley Beresford (Relampago Do Retiro)
    • Kristy Oatley (Quando-Quando)
    • Heath Ryan (Greenoaks Dundee)

    The Australian show jumping squad is:

    • Edwina Alexander (Isovlas Itot du Chateau)
    • Laurie Lever (Ashleigh Drossel Dan)
    • Peter McMahon (Kolora Stud Genoa)
    • Matthew Williams (Leconte 6)

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