Young British riders excel at Addington

  • British youngsters held their own against their European counterparts in the second international competition for young riders held at Addington Manor at the weekend.

    Competitors from Germany, Holland, Denmark and Sweden travelled to Britain and, for the first time, the show included pony riders as well as young riders and juniors.

    One of our most talented and consistent young riders, Maria Eilberg again proved she could be relied upon when the pressure is on. Maria, the daughter of acting dressage performance manager Ferdi Eilberg, has ridden internationally from ponies through juniors and now young riders.

    She won both the young rider prix st georges, the team test and stood second in the freestyle to music, riding Don Perry, on whom she has contested the European Championships for the past three years.

    “Don Perry has moved on a lot over the winter and is now very confirmed in his work,” said Maria, who is a member of the World Class potential squad. “I was pleased that he performed consistently well over the three days; he is a good campaigner.”

    Laura Bechtolsheimer stood a close second to Maria in the team test and won the freestyle to music, while Nicky Patrick was second to Maria in the prix st georges.

  • Read the full report in the current issue of Horse & Hound (22 April 04)
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