Weather doesn’t stop Eland Lodge dressage

  • Samantha Fish from Codsall and her own Cumeragh House gained the highest score of the day at Eland Lodge Equestrian (9 March) despite riding her elementary 42 test in a torrential hail storm. The seven-year-old Shire/Thoroughbred hardly noticed the weather and produced a fluent, balanced and rhythmical test only resisting slightly in the middle halt. Judge Linda Vernon said later: “This was one horse I certainly wouldn’t mind taking home with me.”

    Elementary 42 open
    1, Samantha Fish (Cumeragh House) 70%
    2, Nicola Kirkham (Salvador S) 64.3%
    3, Karen Andrews (Kamiro) III 61.6%

    Chocolate Apocalypse won the restricted section of the elementary 42 class, despite not having competed since last season. He has spent the winter having fun with the Four Shires Bloodhounds and looked fit and enthusiastic during this test, which was fluent and obedient.

    Elementary 42 rest
    1, Claire Hawkins (Chocolate Apocalypse) 63.7%
    2, Liz Fidler (Gunsstone Tall And Proud) 61.9%
    3, Sarah Boonham (Talent) 61.6%

    Samantha picked up her second win of the day on her delightful Shire/Thoroughbred.

    Elementary 44 open
    1, Samantha Fish (Cumeragh House) 68%
    2, Karen Andrews (Kamiro III) Karen Andrews 59.6%

    Langdale Maxim, an eight-year-old British Warmblood, gained his ticket to the regional finals, when he won the elementary 44 restricted section. A delighted Jo thanked the judge, Linda Vernon, and was thrilled to have gained qualification so early in the season.

    Elementary 44 rest
    1, Jo Byrne (Langdale Maxim) 64.4%
    2, Claire Hawkins (Chocolate Apocalypse) 63.2%
    3, Jayne Beard (Miss Molly II) 62.8%

    Prelim 4 open
    1, Carrie Stevens (Foxwood Easter) 61.8%
    2, Maxine Smith (Shaquila Sunrise) 60.4%
    3, Suzanne Robinson (Alice’s Pet) 56.8%

    Prelim 7 rest
    1, Nikki Fraser (Dillon) 67%
    2, Isla Trewin (Value For Money) 65.5%
    3, E Munro (Lynnwood Maytime) 65%

    Prelim 7 open
    1, Suzanne Robinson (Alice’s Pet) 63%
    2, Lauren Hughes (Palika) 57.5%
    3, Terry Brean (Red Mains’l) 56.5%


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