Top pony breaks sales record

  • Marta Kaufman, producer of hit TV show Friends, has bought the top selling pony at the Vechta sales in Germany, while the top priced horse heads for Britain

    The producer of the American TV series Friends, Marta Kaufman, paid a record-breaking 60,000 Euros (nearly £40,000) for the Weser-Ems pony stallion Chardonnay at the recent Vechta Auction in Germany.

    This is the highest price ever paid for a pony sold at a German association sale.

    By Constantin-Livio, this pony has won the state and reserve German championships.

    The top-priced horse went to British buyers, Sarah and Tony Pidgley, from Berkshire. Theypaid 120,000 Euros (more than £75,000) for the state and reserve German champion mare Diva Supra, a three-year-old by Donnerhall-Sion.

    The couple also bought the three-year-old Spirit Freedom (Sion-Figaro-Goldstern) for 80,000 Euros (more than £50,000).

    Sarah Pidgley, a List 3A dressage judge and rider said: “We like buying good young horses and now have a nice collection.”

    The jumping stallion Greenback (by Germany-Landfrieden) changed hands for 93,000 Euros (nearly £60,000) and will join Klaus Ostendorf’s team of show jumping riders, his son Marc Ostendorf, Markus Beerbaum and Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum.

    These autumn sales totalled nearly 1 million Euros (more than £600,000) with an average of more than 25,000 (nearly £16,000) for each of the 39 riding horses. The 19 foals were sold for a total of nearly 300,000 Euros (more than £190,000), with an average price of more than 15,000 Euros (more than £9,500).

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