Spotlight on elite sports horses

  • Top young dressage horses and show jumpers go under the hammer at Towerlands EC’s prestigious annual sale and £10,000 challenge, sponsored by Korenbloem and Genus Equine

    Leading European bloodlines feature among the elite young dressage and show jumping talent on offer at this year’s Korenbloem £10,000 Dressage Challenge and auction at Towerlands Equestrian Centre, Braintree, Essex, on Saturday 23November.

    This year’s event also includes the Genus Equine £10,000 show jumping auction.

    Thirty-five three- and four-year-old potential dressage horses are selected throughout Europe every year to take their place in the Korenbloemauction, which attracts buyers from all over the world.

    Sale horses, who must pass strict X-ray and vetting assessments, are invited to return the following year to compete for the £10,000 Korenbloem Dressage Challenge, judgedby international judges, who give a critique on every horses test and award marks to find the Champion of the Year, who also wins £5,000.

    Visit www.brightwells.com to view details on this year’s auction horses.

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