Sponsorship for WEG medal-winner

  • Spillers has added top Spanish dressage rider Beatriz Ferrer-Salat to its stable of sponsored riders

    Spanish dressage rider Beatriz Ferrer-Salat has signed a sponsorship deal with Spillers Response competition feeds.

    Beatriz strengthened her position at the top of international dressage earlier this week by winning Spain’s first individual silver medal at the World Equestrian Games. She is also reigning Spanish champion with her 15-year-old Hanoverian gelding, Beauvalais.

    “Since feeding Spillers my horses have never looked or performed better. Dressage at the highest level places great energy and stamina demands on the horses, yet all thetime they have to be relaxed. I am delighted both with the Response feeds and the nutritional advice Spillers provide,” says Beatriz.

    Other top performances by the rider include two thirds and a second in the recent world cup finalsin Holland.

    Beatriz is an example for anyone wishing to reach the highest level of sport. You only have to look at her results this year to see that her hard work and attention to detail are paying off,” says Heidi Vandyk of Spillers.

    “We are thrilled that she has won an individual silver and team bronze at WEG, and we are proud that she chooses Spillers products for her horses.”

    Spillers also supports the following top British competitors:

    • Jeanette Brakewell – three day eventing
    • Gary Docking – carriage driving
    • Graham and Tina Fletcher – show jumping
    • Pammy Hutton – dressage
    • Tim Stockdale – show jumping
    • Peter Beaumount – racehorse trainer

    For more informationon Spillers’ feeds visit www.spillers-feeds.com

    To read more about WEG Click here World Equestrian Games website and keep up-to-date with all the action.

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