British sports horse sale sees top dressage prospect sell for £85,000

A top price of £85,000 was realised at the fourth Equilibra dressage auction held at the Towerlands EC in Essex.

High-Fashion, a three-year-old black stallion produced by international dressage riders and trainers Michel and Mette Lubker Assouline, opened at £30,000 and attracted fast bidding before being finally knocked down to Sarah Pidley from Windsor.

High Fashion created a new record price at a British auction for a non-Thoroughbred horse.

The previous record was last year’s Equilibra sale price of £39,000 – the four year old Remember Me, also produced by the same yard.

High-Fashion is by the up-and-coming Trakehner sire Hohenstein, a son of the renowned sire Caprimond by a Hanoverian state premium mare by the top dressage sire Weltmeyer.

The horse will now go into training with David Hunt in preparation for next year’s Equilibra Challenge.

David, who also trained last year’s top price horse Remember Me, said: “We have been abroad looking for a horse of this calibre for a while and we came to the sale specifically to buy him – he is something special.”

Forty-five lots came under the hammer of Brightwells, the auctioneers from Herefordshire, and the majority of horses were sold with three fetching £20,000.

The top price foal Revelation made £6,100, a colt by Rotspon, a state stud stallion at Verden who is a son of the grand prix sire Rubenstein.

Equilibra Sale Returns

Celano Star (G. Celano – Quick Star Sandro) 14,000

Dalenes Shipping (G. Lordship – Corlando Flamingo) 5,700 (not sold)

Day Dream (F. Drossan – LuckyBoy Ulex) 4,000

Feranti (G. Federball – Werbefunk Windesj) 5,200 (not sold)

Fellini (S. Fats – Allegro Derslaw) 9,000

Half Moon Don Perignon(G. Don Primero – Westwall Trapper) 20,000

Heublume (F. Heuiger – Furiosos Sohn Mars) 12,500

High Fashion (S. Hohenstein – Weltmeyer – Lugano I) 85,000

Orlando (Wolfgang – Zonneglans Luctor) 5,000 Not Sold

Moonlight (F. Vincent – Sultan Vesins) 23,000 Not Sold

Otwin (G. Havel – Weratostenes ) 10,000

Parachute (G. Pascal – Marbod – Lugano I) 6,000

Patriesstana (F. Kastello – Hugo Belmondo) 5,000

Pegasus (F. Kennedy – Sultan Doruto) 9,200

Pegasus MK (G. Elcaro – L.Ronald Courville) 10,000

Pelithius (G. Hamlet – Joost Abgar) 8,000

Perrings Vita Nova (G. Flemmingh – Lector Roemer) 6,000

Piaeta ( F. Pascal – Gandolpho Magnum) 7,500

Picobello ( Ferro – Sit This One Out) 10,000

Piroutte (F. My Jemen – Candy Suprise ) 8,000

Priska ( Ferro – Vanitas – Lucky Boy) 9,800

Pyma (Balzflug – Samber Souvenir) 5,000 Not Sold

Redpath Maid Marion ( The Outlaw ¨ Gandolpho) 8,500 Not Sold

Rhum (Regazzoni – Fein Brand Lotse) 20,000

Rico II (Rubin Star N ¨ Grafenberg) 8,000

Sansibar (Sandrissimo – Calypso IV) 7,500 Not Sold

Thor III (Zep – Strawinsky Kasper) 10,000 Not Sold

Woodlander Galliano (Grand Cru Glockenklang) Not Forward

Woodlander Italia (Woodlander Igor Onyx) 9,000

Woodlander Rio Negro (Regazzoni – Amani Gutenberg) 20,000

Yearlings Purdy (F. Pascal – Wembley Eisenhertz) 4,500

Foals unnamed

un named (F. Biotop Cocktail) 4,500 Not Soldun named (C. Flemmingh – Beaujolais Nimmerdor) Not Forward

un named (C. Wellington – Flemmingh ¨ Ariban) 3,600

Dittori (C. Di Magio – Aleksander Islaender) 4,000

Faust (C. Fats – Pik Trumpf Marino) 3,000

Redpath Georgina (F. Giorgione – Grachus Senegal) 2,800 Not Sold Renkum Rasputin (C. Renkum Valentino – Renkum Liath) 3,500

Revelation (C. Rotspon – World Cup I – Golfstrom II) 6,100

Rivale (C. Rotspon – Einstand – Argentan I) 1,800 Not Sold

Salome (F. Saskan N – Heuriger – Furiosos Sohn) 2,000

Telstar (C. Freestyle – Candyboy Pericles) 3,600 Not Sold

Tessa (F. Negro – Gracio – Sit This One Out) 2,000

Toyboy III (C. Metal – Recruut – Ufarno ) 6,000

Todays My Luck Day (C. Welt Hit II- Pion Thijs) Not Forward

Trenawin Lucca (C. Lenard – Atlantus Landgraf) Not Forward

Trenawin Monterey (C. Monte Carlo – Lenard Landgraf) 2,500

Tresor (F. Negro – Sit This One Out Formateur) 1,800 Not Sold Tumanga (F. Wellington – Enrico Beltrum) 5,000