Olympic hopefuls on course for success

  • Seven aspiring Olympic riders have returned from a “core stability workshop” held at the Olympic Training Centre in Austria

    Louise Whitaker, Corinne Collins, Lee Williams, Robert Maguire, (show jumping) and Charlotte Edmonds, Becky Moody and Daniel Timson (dressage) were invited to attend a “core stability” course at the British Olympic Training Centre in Lofer, Austria.

    The purpose of this three-day trip was tointroduce the riders to the principle of “core stability” – something that other athletes have been quick to incorporate into the training plans.

    Phil Dicks, Performance Planner for the British Equestrian Federation believes the course is a way to encourage riders to think of themselves as athletes, as well as developing a better technique.

    Unlike other athletes who pride themselves on their fitness levels, rider fitness usually takes second place to horse fitness.

    Core stability is about developing total body control from a strong pelvic region. All of the riders were given an introduction before undertaking an individual assessment to highlight any weak areas.

    The riders spent the mornings in the gym working through exercises to improve their strength, while the afternoons were spent skiing.

    Talking about the benefits of the course, Louise Whitaker said: “I really enjoyed it, it was nice to get away and meet new people. It has made me muchmore conscious about my own level of fitness and I have started going to the gym.”

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