Meet Emile Faurie – dressage diplomat

  • Emile Faurie, best of the British dressage riders at Sydney, has a straightforward reply for the critics of the squad’s otherwise disappointing team result – eighth out of nine – which has dominated the Letters page of Horse & Hound.

    In a majorinterview in Horse & Hound (9 November), Emile remarks: “My answer is simple – don’t criticise. Nobody in their right mind goes to the Olympics without the desire to do the best they can. An enormous number of dedicated people put in a lot of hard work to produce the team for Sydney.”However, questions must be asked and the result analysed, but in a way that we can improve the sport and not just focus on what went wrong. “I don’t have answers to the questions.

    ” I am just a regular guy playing my part in the equation. I don’t own the right to anything other than to work hard. Before being quick to pass judgement, first of all learn the facts about the issues.”

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