Laura Bechtolsheimer wins dressage grand prix at Olympia

  • Britain’s number one dressage rider Laura Bechtolsheimer demonstrated her class at the London International Horse Show at Olympia this afternoon (14 December) with an exceptional performance to score 82.936%.

    Last to enter the arena, Laura and Mistral Hojris set a new British grand prix record and personal best to beat Adelinde Cornelissen and Jerich Parzival by more than 4%, with Edward Gal and Sisther de Jeu a distant third on 72.553%.

    “Alf is on cracking form and very excited to be out again,” said a delighted Laura. “There is a lot of atmosphere, which makes horses like Alf a little bit more tense, but today I could keep that under control and it meant he was really spectacular.”

    After her ride Adelinde told her fans on Twitter: “Jerich Parzival got a bit scared in the beginning of the test and stayed a little reserved during the test.”

    Amy Stovold and Macbrian made an impressive Olympia debut to finish fifth on 69.021% behind America’s Catherine Haddad.

    An elated Amy posted on her facebook page: “Oh my god, Macca was so amazing today! I can’t believe how good it felt in that arena, I’m so pleased! Thank you everyone for your amazing support.”

    Both Emile Faurie (Elmegardens Marquis) and Anna Ross Davies (Pegasus MK) had their hands full during their rides to finish just outside the top 10. It will be interesting to see if their horses are more settled in tomorrow’s kur.

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    Laura Bechtolsheimer

    Adelinde Cornelissen

    Edward Gal


    1. Mistral Hojris (Laura Bechtolsheimer) GBR 82.936%
    2. Jerich Parzival (Adelinde Cornelissen) NED 78.170%
    3. Sisther de Jeu (Edward Gal) NED 72.553%
    4. Winyamaro (Catherine Haddad) USA 69.191%
    5. Macbrian (Amy Stovold) GBR 69.021%
    6. Louis D’Or (Henriette Andersen) GBR 68.596%
    7. Hiscox Artemis (Richard Davison) GBR 67.064%
    8. Fitzcerraldo (Judy Harvey) GBR 66.681%
    9. Skovlunds Más Guapo (Mikaela Lindh) FIN 66.383%
    10. Mr President (Steph Croxford) GBR 66.255%
    11. Pegasus MK (Anna Ross Davies) GBR 64.426%
    12. Elmegardens Marquis (Emile Faurie) GBR 64.000%
    13. Helio II (Arnard Serre) FRA 63.957%
    14. Rubel 13 (Fanny Verliefden) BEL 63.915%
    15. Rintje V (Hans Meganck) BEL 63.787%

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