Horse & Hound exclusive: Katie Price reveals

  • Katie Price, the glamour girl turned dressage rider and polo player, speaks exclusively to Horse & Hound about her life, children and horses

    What was your first… word?

    I don’t have a clue, but it certainly wasn’t horse! I know with all my children it was the usual “mama” or “dada”.

    When did you first… ride?

    When I was seven, on a 12.2hh grey pony called Echo. He kept bombing off with me every time we hit open grass, so I’ve had my fair share of falling off.

    What was your first… job?

    I left school at 16 and began training as a nurse, which I did for a few months before getting into modelling.

    When did you first… own a horse?

    I had a 14hh bay New Forest pony called Star on loan when I was nine or 10. He was 18 years old and we used to hack out and go to local shows.

    I then had a 16.2hh ex-racehorse called Rosie on loan when I was 15, who was great fun, before my mum bought me my own — another ex-racehorse who was also a bay called Star!

    The first horse I bought for myself was a 17.3hh Irish thoroughbred called Tyke — I like my big horses.

    When did you first… choose dressage?

    Last year. I still get a buzz from jumping, but I just love the look of dressage — the way the horses go and the elegance of it all. It’s a real discipline. Plus, I feel safer on the ground.

    When did you first… appear in Horse & Hound?

    When I wrote my ponycare book and then the kids’ pony storybooks.

    When did you first… get recognised in the street?

    I’m not sure, but to be honest sometimes I don’t think people even recognise me now. When I’m out and about I just do my thing — the whole fame thing doesn’t bother me. When I was young I always wanted to be famous, but now it’s a job. I think I’ve come a long way, although I’m not knocking what I did then.

    When was the first time… one of your children rode?

    Harvey rode when he was pretty young as I bought him a Shetland. Then Princess got on the horse I rode at the Horse of the Year Show, Glamour Girl, when she was just 14-months-old and Junior rides her too. I’m actually getting them a pony called Harvey on loan.

    What were your first… resolutions for 2009?

    To compete as much as I can and learn to ride the new horse I’ve bought from a sale in Holland, Jordan’s Pretty Boy. He knows all the moves and is a real challenge for me.

    Who was your first… hero rider?

    John Whitaker on Milton — I used to have posters of him all over my bedroom walls. Of Milton I mean, not John!

    What is first… on your list of ambitions?

    To conquer the world.

    When did you last… get something for free?

    Prestige want to give me saddles and bridles for all of my horses — even though they usually only do it for professional riders. So that’s very generous of them.

    When did you last… laugh so much it hurt?

    I’m not a big laugher — I have quite a dry sense of humour.

    When did you last… do a good deed?

    When I went into a shop to get my computer fixed and ended up buying loads of stuff for Pete’s [Peter Andre, Katie’s husband] studio. I’m terrible with computers — I had to buy a new Mac recently because I’d forgotten the password and lost all the software, so apparently there was nothing else I could do.

    When did you last… fall off?

    I don’t want to jinx myself, but I can’t remember. That’s not good is it? It must mean I’m due for one.

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