European junior/young rider dressage championships

  • Germany and the Netherlands dominated the 2007 European Junior/Young Riders Championships at Nussloch, Germany last week, while Italy demonstrated its up-and-coming talent picking up both team and individual medals.

    Disappointing performances by some of Germany’s young riders gave the Dutch team the opportunity to claim gold, with Italy picking up bronze. The individual gold medals went to Germany’s Christin Schutte riding Hohenstaufen, while Italy’s Valentina Truppa on Chablis took the kr title.

    Germany turned the tables on Holland in the junior team competition, with Italy finishing third once again. The individual medals were a clean sweep for Germany and the Netherlands this time, with Germany’s Jill de Ridder on FBW Disco Boy taking individual gold and the Netherlands’ Chantal van Lanen riding Beaujolais to victory in the kr.

    But the championships were disappointing for the British junior and young rider squads, with every rider scoring less than 66% in the team competition. The junior team finished in sixth place, while the young riders were placed 12th out of 13 nations. The best British score was earned by young rider Georgina Somerset on Paris, the pair earning 21st place with an individual score of 65.64% in the team competition. The best junior was Samantha Harrison and Kwadraat who finished 15th on 65.3%.

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    Medal winners

    Young rider team
    Gold: The Netherlands
    Silver: Germany
    Bronze: Italy

    Young rider individual
    Gold: Christin Schutte (Hohenstaufen) 70.000% (GER)
    Silver: Kristina Sprehe (Royal Flash) 69.850% (GER)
    Bronze: Valentina Truppa (Chablis) 69.055% (ITA)

    Young rider kr
    Gold: Valentina Truppa (Chablis) 77.250% (ITA)
    Silver: Lotje Schoots (Reine B) 75.150% (NED)
    Bronze: Christin Schutte (Hohenstaufen) 72.850% (GER)

    Junior team
    Gold: Germany
    Silver: The Netherlands
    Bronze: Italy

    Junior individual
    Gold: Jill de Ridder (FBW Disco Boy) 73.000% (GER)
    Silver: Fabienne Lutkemeier (Bouton) 71.950% (GER)
    Bronze: Chantal van Lanen (Beaujolais) 71.850% (NED)

    Junior kr
    Gold: Chantal van Lanen (Beaujolais) 75.600% (NED)
    Silver: Fabienne Lutkemeier (Bouton) 75.350% (GER)
    Bronze: Jill de Ridder (FBW Disco Boy) 74.750 (GER)

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