Dressage rider to run marathon

  • International dressage rider JaneBredin will be joining thousands of fun runners taking part in the 2003 Flora London Marathon (13 April) to raise money for charity.

    “I have been running on and off since the Atlanta Olympics,” explains Jane, who had toyed with the idea of running a half marathon previously but never got round to it. “When a friend suggested we applied for the London Marathon I thought it was a great idea but I never imagined we would get accepted.”

    Jane will be attempting the gruelling 26.2mile challenge for the first time to raise funds for The Blue Cross – a charity which is close to her heart.

    “I am completely dotty about all animals, not just horses, and I share the same ideas and principles of caring for animals as The Blue Cross does.”

    Jane has been following The Blue Cross’ marathon training plan seriously for the past three weeks and admits it hasn’t all been plain sailing.

    “It has been really hard fitting in training around the horses, particularly during the recent atrocious weather and the lack of daylight at this time of year. I have been forced to run in the dark so my florescent gear has been in constant use. I have also decided there are far too many hills around Chippenham.”

    Jane is aware of the dedication need to succeed in any sport at the highest level. She represented Britain at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics and the 1994 World Equestrian Games and is planning a return to the British team with Lucky Star in time for nextyear’s Athens Olympics.

    Aiming for a completion time of 4.5-5hrs for the 26.2miles in April, Jane doesn’t underestimate the task she is taking on.

    “I know it is going to be incredibly hard physically, probably the hardest thing I haveever done but its great to have a new goal. I will have to push myself beyond my normal boundaries but knowing the good I will be doing for all the animals helped by The Blue Cross will keep me going.”

    Tracey Chittock, events officer at TheBlue Cross, said: “The London Marathon is a crucial part of our fundraising calendar and it is only through the support of people like Jane, that The Blue Cross is able to continue fulfilling it’s role.

    “For those who can rise to the challenge, it is a unique opportunity to achieve something extraordinary while raising money for a good cause.”

    If you would like to sponsor Jane please contact Tracey Chittock at The Blue Cross (tel: 01993 825557).

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