British Dressage announce new Director of Training

  • British Dressage has co-opted Jill Day onto the board as the new Director of Training. She will stand for election to the role in May 2002.

    Jill replaces Jane Goldsmith who has taken the new role of Director of Under 21s / BYRDS and willstand for election this May.

    Jill, an international two-star trainer, has trained dressage riders for nearly 30 years. She founded the Epping Forest Dressage Group and was one of the founder members of the Eastern Region Dressage Liaison Group, which aims to encourage trainers and judges in the area to work more closely together.

    Jill said: “I may have ridden at top level, but I know what people go through when they start out. It took me four years to win a point with my first dressage horse!”

    When asked about her plans for British Dressage Training, Jill commented: “I would like to build on the current system to put a firm training structure in place throughout the country. We are trying to find a way to provide training at every level at a cost which is affordable for every rider.”

    Jane Goldsmith has worked closely with Jill and said: ” I have every confidence that training will move forwards with Jill. Her involvement in training is from grass roots to advanced, and as a competitor she has experienced all the emotions involved.”

    Jane has now taken on the role of Director of Under 21s / BYRDS.

    Talking about her new position Jane said: “Growth in dressage is dependent on the young being encouraged into a consistent training programme and given the opportunity to develop their talents to the fullest degree. With the full integration of fledglings into the Under 21s programme, this should enable a seamless transfer from good riding to good dressage.”

    For more information about British Dressage visit: www.britishdressage.co.uk

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