Boost for top paralympian

  • Britain’s most successful disabled dressage rider Lee Pearson has found a new sponsor, the physiotherapy company Equissage.

    Lee has won 11 gold medals during his career and is the first disabled rider to win a national championship against able-bodied riders. He is based in Leek, Staffordshire and trains with Stephen Clarke and Peter Storr.

    Equissage’s Kim Smith-Bingham says: “Lee’s achievements in the dressage world are remarkable and his two top horses, Blue Circle Boy and Donnerkind, have been in excellent form this season. Lee is talented and hard working and his efforts should be rewarded.”

    Lee says: “I am very grateful to have the support and knowledge that Equissage can offer, although unfortunately Gus [Blue Circle Boy] will have to be sold if the right person comes along as I’m still experiencing financial pressures associated with the sport.”

    Due to his disabilities, the financial drain of Lee’s chosen career costs him more than many able-bodied riders.

    “Unfortunately I can’t go out and teach to help support my competing and I have to pay someone to help me look after the horses, so my outgoings are considerable.”

    Lee is aiming Donnerkind for selection for the Athens paralympics and is also on the look out for a horse with top quality paces working at novice to medium level which he can develop for the future.

    “I will concentrate on able-bodied competitions with Gus. He is currently working at prix st george towards grand prix at home. If the right person came along I would be as happy to see someone more talented than me take him to the top level as I would be to do it myself.”

    For more information about Equissage contact (tel: 0800 072 1180).

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