BD tightens its belt

  • The financial effects due to loss of revenue in the first half of the season, as a result of foot and mouth disease, was a recurring theme at the BD AGM held on the 24 May.

    Desi Dillingham (chairman) and David Trott (international teams director) were both re-elected, while Jane Goldsmith ((U21/BYRDS) was elected to the board and Jill Day (training) was co-opted to the board for the year. The newly appointed World Class Performance manager Ian Williams was introduced to the meeting.


  • Last year’s budgeted surplus was achieved to provide a £52,000 profit. It was estimated that the loss of income due to the ongoing effects FMD would this year produce a shortfall in revenue.

  • As membership and registration is now coming back in and competitions have recommenced, this financial year is now budgeted to break even, but budget restrictions have been enforced throughout the sectors.

  • Desi Dillingham stressed that it was estimated that the equine industry was losing £100,000, 000 a month through FMD but that BD was prepared.

  • Due to sports council grants international competitions and team training will continue. Teams will be sent toAachen and Arnhem, before contesting the European championship in Verden in August.

  • The main priority for this year was for BD was to continue to support the under-21s training and teams, so that they could contest and be well prepared for, theEuropean Championships.

  • The ongoing situation with the music licence has been resolved and last year cost BD £40,000 including back payment. The annual cost is estimated to be in the region of £25,000.


  • Due to the growth of the sport in the regional areas, BD hopes to appoint paid regional development officers to co-ordinate all regional activities, as the present committees are over-burdened.

  • Sport England will give money to start a pilot scheme and BD would be the pilot for the member disciplines of the BEF.
  • The national seminar has been postponed to September 3. Last year’s national convention with Conrad Schumacher was a success and will be repeated taking place at Addington on November 17/18.
  • It was stressed that all regional training this year must be self-funding.
  • The paralympic squad now come under the umbrella of BD


  • No format has yet been decided for the new talent spotting final. The ponytalent spotting will merge with the young riders and although more finalists will take part the tests used in the final will be riding tests not dressage tests.


  • The new tests have received a mixed response and BD will review the tests and levels of tests used.
  • New qualification criteria for the national championships have been decided but the 63% mark will be held in order to maintain quality. Allowances will be made for those who have been unable to compete.


    The lack of development of the BD web-site was criticised, especially as due to cost cutting, competition results were being withdrawn from the magazine.

  • BD replied that there has been difficulty with service providers -and that there were financial restraints on non-essential expenditure. As yet the database is the office is not yet compatible with the web-site and a link is needed between the database and the web-site.
  • A small committee was looking to develop a software package to assist organisers to send results and entries over the net.

    BD Awards

    Judges awards: List 1, Inger Bryant, 2A, Jane Peberdy; 2, Lynn Baldwin; 3A, Jane Carter; 3, Tessa Counsell; 4, Lynda Fievez; 5, Michelle Bone; , Lynda Bristow.

    Show Awards: Mary Thornley for Wix EC; Antonia De Baern for Patchetts EC; Fiona Lace for Northern Dressage Group; Fiona Boyne for Catherston Stud.

    Volunteers awards: Sara Green; Jill Day, Anita Darken,Lorrie Sissons.

    Distinguished service award: Helen Webber, Rosemary Herbert, Molly Sivewright.

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