Amateurs flock to Trailblazers final

  • Amateur riders of all ages flocked to take part in the Trailblazers final at Stoneleigh last weekend

    The second running of the Permanent Show Organisers Association (PSOA) and South Essex Insurance Brokers (SEIB) Trailblazer national championships at the National Agricultural Centre, Stoneleigh, Warwickshire last weekend was a huge success.

    “We designed the series for the estimated 200,000 leisure riders who compete for fun,” said permanent show organiser spokesman Norman Bargh. “We thought we had got it right for the first championships last year. The success of this year’s event has proved we have.”

    Nearly 1,000 riders, many of whom were competing in their first national final, travelled to the three-day show.

    Caroline Wilkinson, 75cm senior show jumping champion, summed up the feelings of many Trailblazers competitors: “It’s a wonderful series and fills a big gap for the riders. I think that in time it will replace the BSJA for the true amateur.”

    Although there were many new faces at the final, some riders and ponies were returning for their second year. For 13-year-old Tayah Barrs, who wonthe 75cms junior championship, it was quite literally second time lucky.

    “I was here last year but my pony went lame. This year Sir Humphrey, who is 22, was wonderful.”

    South Essex sales and marketing manager, Nicolina MacKenzie, said: “We have always felt that the strength of the equestrian world is in the dedicated amateurs, the people who ride for leisure and pleasure, which is why we support Trailblazers. After this year’s championship show, we know we are right.”


    Dressage: Preliminary, Snr 1, Julie Birchall (Falicon Royal Sovereign); 2, Jo Doncaster (Northern Gold); 3, Audrey Caporali (Windsor). Jnr 1, Lucy Cartwright (Willoway Thomas); 2, James Sorrell (Mexican Tango); 3, Molly Johnstone (Shandy). Novice, Snr =1, Julie Birchall (Falicon Royal Sovereign) and Gill Harrison (Jack Frost); 3, Cara Shadlow (Primitive Touch). Jnr 1, Harriet Whewell (Mr Toad); 2, Kim Seaby (Ryfeside Verdi); 3, Jessica Dun (Harry Hassit). Elementary, Snr Gill Harrison (Jack Frost); 2, Anna Levy (Shenka’s Gamble); 3, Vicky Brook (Danson Park). Jnr Zoe Duck (Pancho); 2, Pippa Hunn (Slightly Spellbound); 3, Gemma Abram (Josh).

    Showjumping: 75cms, snr 1, Caroline Wilkinson (Roxy Royalle); 2, Sally McNaughton (Joe); 3, Louise Scanes (Fred Astaire). Jnr 1, Tayah Barrs (Sir Humphrey); 2, Ruth Whitmore (Prince Edward); 3, Mandy Brown (Heather). 85cms, Snr 1, Paula Clinton (Jungle Getaway); 2, Tanya Wainwright (Monalee); 3, Vicky Tulloch (Dutch Melody). Jnr 1, Jenny Ripley (Sky); 2, Lucy Brunton (Magic Moments); 3, Jessica Watson (Kilkenny Lad). 95cms, Snr 1, Amy Wall (Cleo); 2, Georgie Hibberd (Miss Ellie); 3, Kim Fenn (Pepzi Max). Jnr Emma Tideswell (Fleur); 2, Stephanie Jaworski (Prince); 3, Nicky Baker (Tollerhayes Bonxie). 1.05m, Snr 1, Amy Wall (Cleo); 2, Kim Fenn (Pepzi Max); 3, Julia Biddle (Victor). Jnr 1, Heledd Thomas (Napoleon); 2, Amanda Cole (Frankie); 3, Heledd Thomas (Fly).

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