Aldham Mill Equestrian affiliated dressage 18 March

Prelim 14 winter qualifier restricted

1. Project Vilmar (Amy Hawley) 68.33%.

Prelim 14 winter qualifier open

1. Chocolate Mylow (Jane Byrom) 67.08%.

Novice 21 winter restricted

1. Bedrock Soverign (Leanne Dudhill) 68.00%.

Leanne secured her second qualifying score and has now qualified for the summer semi-finals.

Novice 27 winter qualifier restricted

1. Space Cowboy (Helen Barrett) 63.92%.

Novice 27 winter qualifier open

1. Bedrock Soverign (Leanne Dudhill) 68.00%.

Elementary 44 winter restricted

1. El Pedro (Helen Sanders) 63.6%.

The overall winner of the elementary 44 was Liam Sloan riding his own World Performance Walente. They entered the training section and won impressively with 67.2%.

Elementary 44 winter open

1. Drummer Boy II (David Lannon) 64.4%.

Elementary 50 winter qualifier restricted

1. Chevett Express (Joanne Wainwright) 65.0%.

Elementary 50 winter qualifier open

1. Drummer Boy II (David Lannon) 65.0%.

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