Safemix Equestrian bedding

Safemix Equestrian bedding is produced by animal bedding specialists, Arden Wood Shavings, a name you can trust for consistently high-quality products and reliable customer service.

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    Developed by horse owners, Safemix Equestrian is a blend of specially selected premium quality wood shavings and shredded soft woodfibre derived from sustainable sources.

    It is a quality product with an attractive price tag, which makes it an affordable option.

    Furthermore, it can be delivered to your yard in full or half artic loads to most areas or from local stockists if smaller quantities are required.

    Here are just a few reasons many horse owners choose Safemix Equestrian:

    Very Absorbent, Stays Drier for Longer
    Safemix has excellent absorbency properties, drawing moisture away from the surface of the bed. So, with Safemix, horse beds stay drier for longer and odours are reduced.

    Soft, Safe and Comfortable
    Unlike some woodfibre products, Safemix is very soft and comfortable to the touch. The woodfibre goes through a unique shredding process and this, combined with high quality fluffy woodshavings, gives the bedding its softness.

    Dust-Extracted and Very Clean
    Arden’s advanced manufacturing processes for dust-extraction and sanitisation produce a very sterile, bio-secure bedding solution for horses. This means less risk of respiratory issues from dust, fungal spores, moulds and pathogens, producing a healthier environment for stabled horses.

    Mucking-Out Made Easier
    Some horse bedding products are easier to muck out than others. Due to its firm texture and the ability to quickly spot wet patches, mucking out Safemix is easier. Safemix is also less prone to clinging to manes, tails and rugs. All great time-saving benefits!

    The Bedding of Choice for Leading Names
    Since its launch, Safemix Equestrian has gone on to be the preferred horse bedding product for many professional and amateur riders, including leading names such as Robert Smith.

    It has been used by international competitors in the stable areas at many prestigious events, including Horse of the Year Show, The British Showjumping National Championships at Stoneleigh, The British Dressage National Championships at Stoneleigh and more.

    So, why spend more on horse bedding when you can get all this for much less?
    Get in touch for a quote to deliver full or half artic loads to your yard, or contact your local stockist. A pallet carries 30 bales and is delivered with a water-resistant stretch hood to protect the bales when stored outside.


    Interested in becoming a Safemix stockist?
    We welcome new stockists so please contact Arden for further details on how we can work together.

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